Just because your cattle count may be down, all hope is not lost

As cattle make their back from summer pastures, it is not uncommon to be one or two head short. A state brand inspector in South Dakota says that does not mean all hope is lost.

“Here, about three weeks ago, a friend of mine reported he’s missing 13 cows and calves which just up and vanished. Then over the weekend, there were some cattle. The evidence we saw looked like some cattle were stolen, but now the numbers are going back that everything could possibly be there. So whoever took them cattle over the weekend mostly got scared and brought him back. This wasn’t the first time it happened to this particular person. They were missing calves last year as well and they never found any. They were missing all. I want to say 25, but I think they did maybe find 8, but there are some that they didn’t account for. Nobody found him in their neighbor’s pastures,” said Kyle Rossow.”

Some cattle producers have cut back the size of their herd because of drought and rising feed costs. If producers see suspicious activity, they should alert the authorities right away, especially after dark.


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