Lawmakers are urging EPA to get RFS back on track

Just this morning on a call with ag reporters, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said he and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar are sending a letter urging the EPA to increase volumes of biodiesel and renewable diesel.

“Adding more homegrown fuels to the nation’s fuels will lower diesel prices. So, the President is going all over the world talking to tyrants and dictators begging for more oil when we’ve got renewable fuel growth right here in Midwestern America. That’s why the letter asks the EPA to get RFS back on track and issue timely rules so that our country can take advantage of these clean burning fuels and give the biofuels industry more certainty,” says Grassley.

Grassley says he could see the U.S. falling into a shallow recession, and he predicts a long, slow decline in fuel costs unless there is a change in policies from this Administration that could spur a faster price drop.


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