Lawmakers introduce Black Vulture Relief Act


Wilfred Hdez

Cattle producers have experienced personally the devastating effects of vulture depredation.

Representative John Rose of Tennessee and Representative Darren Soto of Florida introduced legislation called Black Vulture Relief Act.

It would allow a cattle producer to “take” (capture, kill, disperse, or transport) black vultures that pose a threat to livestock. It also institutes a report that producers submit annually detailing the number of vultures they took.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association welcomed the news.

“Livestock deaths due to black vultures are a financial loss that no one can afford right now. Giving producers greater flexibility on black vulture management means one less financial burden to worry about,” NCBA Director of Government Affairs Sigried Johannes.

The Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association also applauded the legislation.

“Black vultures have developed into a lethal predator for newborn calves, costing Tennessee cattle producers thousands of dollars in lost revenue each year. We appreciate Congressman Rose’s bill as a significant tool to help control the over-population of these predators,” said the Association’s Executive Director Charles Hord.