Lukas Nelson addresses death of Willie’s drummer and friend, Paul English


Paul English, the longtime band member and close friend of Willie Nelson, died at age 87 in a Dallas hospital earlier this week and Willie’s son Lukas shared some heartfelt words.

“Paul was the real deal. A real, larger than life outlaw. Demanded the respect he knew he, and my father deserved. Even in those early days. He was the authority, the law, whose reputation as such preceded him,” Lukas Nelson wrote on Instagram. “He leaves behind more than the stories, the myths, the capes, and the top hats. Thankful I got to witness first hand the legend that was Paul English.”

Lukas also added that English had one of the most distinct drumming sounds in the world because of his light touch and rhythm.

“Nothing out there like him and the sound he created,” Lukas wrote.