McKinney Fire becomes California’s largest of the year

The Golden State is being plagued by wildfires right now.

Over the weekend, a red flag warning was issued, which means dangerous fire conditions because of the scattered thunderstorms and an increase in lightning. The severe weather sparked the McKinney Fire.

So far, the fire has burned more than 55,000 acres in just two days and has claimed the prize as California’s largest fire of the year. Farmers in the impacted area have been facing triple-digit temperatures and extreme drought conditions.

The Alameda County Fire Department shared this picture on Twitter saying, “After eight days of working on the Oak Fire, we are now reassigned to the McKinney Fire, which is seven hours away for the department.”

About 55 large fires have burned more than a million acres in just 13 states. Alaska currently has the highest number of large fires with 27, and more than 8,500 wildland firefighters are assigned across the U.S.


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