Meet Ori the Border Collie: Farmer’s best friend and cowhand extraordinaire

In the heartland of agricultural dedication, we meet Ori, a remarkable three-year-old Border Collie who proves that working dogs are not only essential for farm success but also cherished companions.

In the heartland of agricultural dedication, we meet Ori, a remarkable three-year-old Border Collie who proves that working dogs are not only essential for farm success but also cherished companions. Chad Fryar, a farmer, and Ori’s proud owner, shares the story of their journey to an unbreakable bond.

Ori came into Fryar’s life through friends who specialize in obedience dog training. They said Ori’s previous owner surrendered him with a single condition: that he find a new owner who could put his skills to work, so re-homing Ori with Fryar was a serendipitous match. From the moment Chad introduced Ori to herding stock, it was clear that he was a natural.

“I had high expectations of him, and he does for me as well,” Chad said. “We kind of just push each other to do better and to get the jobs done more efficiently at the end of the day.”

From the jump, Ori became not only Chad’s trusted working partner but also his best buddy. The incredible collie’s role on the farm is crucial. When Chad is in the pasture, moving cattle or attending to their needs, Ori is always right by his side to assist. Together, they form a seamless team, making the cattle-handling process efficient and low-stress.

“I believe in the lowest stress method, and I believe the same thing is true with a quality working dog,” Fryar said. “They get the job done without getting the cattle all riled up,” Chad said, acknowledging that without Ori’s help, he would need to rely solely on his horse, which would wear the horse out quickly. The farm dog’s presence allows him to step back and allow Ori to use his herding instincts to calmly guide the cattle.

Fryar often works alone when farming, his work week extending 50-65 hours, so Ori is more than just a working dog — he is Chad’s constant companion. By his side, there is no task they cannot accomplish on the farm — especially when it comes to handling calves.

“I know for sure that if I’ve got him, and there’s nothing that we can’t go accomplish when it comes to calf,” Chad said proudly. The bond between farmer and dog is so strong that they are inseparable during the long hours, except for meal breaks and sleep. In their isolation during work hours, Chad confesses that he finds himself talking to Ori more than anyone else.

“I don’t see many people during the day, so I find myself talking to the dogs more than anything else,” he joked. “The best thing is they don’t usually talk back.”

In this solitary world of farming, Ori provides him not only assistance but also companionship. They also share a mutual drive for excellence, pushing each other to do better, work more efficiently, and achieve their farm goals. At the end of a long day, they come home together, and Ori, along with the other animals, are a top priority.

“The animals always come first,” he said. “The dogs and the horses get fed, they get water, and they get cleaned up before I ever even go in the house because they’re on the top of the priority list. They depend upon me for their well-being just as much as I depended upon them to do their job.’

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