More Dust on the Way: The toll it could take on winter grains

Wheat producers across the Great Plains have been hit with Dust Bowl-like conditions as of late, and USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey, says another round of blowing dust could be on its way.

“Already twice in the last week, we have seen significant early season dust storms raking parts of New Mexico, west Texas and parts of neighboring states and it looks like that could happen again later this week with another very powerful system coming out of the Southern Rockies, sweeping across the Southern Plains. We could see once again significant blowing dust that has already caused damage to winter wheat and other winter grains across that region and has really left a sour taste in producers’ mouths as we head into the spring,” says Brad Rippey.

Taking a look back at the dust storm earlier this week, it was actually visible on satellites in space!

NASA Earth shared this image on Twitter of the storm that rolled through New Mexico and Texas. NASA says this was the same storm system that brought snowfall to California and tornadoes to the Southwest.

A farmer in Lubbock, Texas is questioning if we’re really in 2023, or if we’re back in the Dust Bowl era!

Amber Eytcheson also shared this photo on Twitter of her operation, showing horses with the background filled with dust. Amber says they experienced 55 mile per hour winds, with 70-80 mile per hour gusts with no rain in sight. She says ‘Mr. El Niño can bring the rain now!’

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