National Farmers Union weighs in on Farm Bill challenges

As stakeholders across the country discuss our current state of affairs, we hear from National Farmers Union President Rob Larew on their Farm Bill priorities and more.

As stakeholders across the country weigh in on the state of affairs and their priorities for the Farm Bill, Rob Larew, President of the National Farmers Union, has an assessment of the hurdles he thinks the agricultural community is facing.

Speaking with the Oklahoma Farm Report, Larew addresses the stark realities he sees for the Farm Bill’s current predicament. Larew’s assessment of the legislative landscape in Washington, DC, is candid, noting the dysfunction that impedes progress on crucial agricultural issues. While acknowledging the challenges, Larew refrains from taking a partisan stance, highlighting the need for bipartisan cooperation to address the agricultural community’s pressing issues.

One such issue is the preservation of rural communities, a topic underscored by data from the latest agricultural census. Larew emphasizes the importance of sustaining these communities, which are the backbone of the nation’s agricultural industry. Despite the grim outlook, Larew finds a glimmer of hope in the recognition of women in the agricultural industry.

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