Neighbors come to the rescue saving chickens from flood


Last weekend, parts of Tennessee were almost washed away by heavy rainfall. Currently, lower parts of Nashville are flooded due to the rising levels of the Cumberland River.

One family knows about flooding in the “Volunteer State” all too well-- the Taylors.

Back in 2010, the Taylors faced massive flooding due to the Harpeth River in their backyard. That flood was considered a thousand-year flood. So, the family believed they had some time before they would experience something like that again.

Fast forward eleven years and one rainy weekend, the Taylors found their property flooding again-- on one side from the river and on another side from runoff from a hill. The water was even six inches deep down his driveway.

“You walk out in it, you can’t stand up the water pressure is so hard, it pushed you over,” David Taylor stated, according to News Channel 5.

On top of dealing with the rising water, Taylor had to worry about his chickens. He was very concerned for the flock and knew there was a good possibility that they would drown. Some of the chickens were able to get the roof of their coop. Taylor himself was not in a condition to save the flock, but that is why we have amazing neighbors.

His neighbor, Britney Ruegsegger, jumped into action. “She went into the water up to her neck... started rescuing one by one chicken. Then our other neighbor saw us out doing it so he came over...” Taylor explains.

They placed the chickens on a pool float and one fowl at a time got the flock to safety.

“Honestly, It was a miracle because I’m not kidding you, gasping for air, on death’s door, I thought we were going to lose them,” Ruegsegger stated.

Once the flock was brought in from the water and put under a heating lamp, they were right as rain.

Taylor went on to state, “We all try to help each other, you know. What’s her problem is my problem and my problem is her problem.”

The water damaged Ruegsegger’s guest house and basement, she has a GoFundMe.

Story via Chris Davis with News Channel 5