New BRD injection is available for U.S. cattle producers

Cattle producers and veterinarians have a new way to treat and balance their protocol for bovine respiratory disease, also known as BRD.

Elanco animal health just launched a shot that targets the site of infection in the lungs. It gives cattle more time to build an effective defense against the disease.

Veterinarian Dr. Bruce Hoffmann says that it also helps decrease the negative effects of BRD, such as morbidity or even death.

“Tulathromycin is an antibiotic that gets into lung tissue very easily and has an affinity for lung tissue and stays there a while. So it kills most of the main bacteria that we fight when we are trying to stop bovine respiratory disease or pneumonia in cattle... So, Increxxa is an excellent tool for use both on BRD to reduce sickness and improve production because when a calf gets sick, it also decreases weight. So, in addition to pneumonia, Increxxa is also labeled for pink eye and foot rot, which is common in the cow-calf sector,” he explains.

BRD contributed to roughly 40-50 percent of all cattle mortality across cow-calf stockers and feedlot sectors.


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