North Carolina drivers are lining up to fill up

An incredible video out of North Carolina this afternoon, where drivers are lining up to fill up.

The man who posted the video on Twitter says that long lines in Asheville are the result of the shuttering of the Colonial Pipeline, the largest supplier of fuel on the east coast, which was hacked over the weekend.

Multiple national media outlets have said that people are not panic buying, there are no long lines, and no shortages. This video seems to suggest otherwise.

Colonial says that they hope to be back online by Friday.

Biofuels groups say that they can help fill the void created by the colonial shutdown. The Renewable Fuels Association sent a letter to EPA today asking it to take steps to increase the use of E-15 fuel along the eastern seaboard.

It is asking the agency to suspend regulatory requirements for retailers. RFA says that 180,000 barrels per day of production capacity is idle and could quickly be activated to offset traditional fuel shortages.


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