Northwest cattlemen say rising input costs are top of mind

The Idaho Cattle Association recently held its annual summer meeting where a popular topic was rising input costs. The Association’s Executive Vice President, Cameron Mulroney says everyone is watching the cost of doing business.

“You know, as we look at higher input costs, and you know we are tracking a little better calf price this fall, but the question is, is that enough to cover the margin? You know, we can have $2 calves but if our input costs increase to the point that we can’t sustain the margin we need to be in business, that’s an issue,” said Mulroney.

The Cattlemen’s Association says that is especially true with election season right around the corner.

“You know, we’re past the primary elections, but we have redistricting. We’re going to see most likely up to 50 percent new legislators this year, based on what comes out of the general election in the fall. So, there was a lot of discussion around that. And, as people are coming to our state, how do we position ourselves to protect our industry and the open space that makes these ranches and ranching communities function?” Mulroney said.

The Association says it is encouraged by the additional processing capacity coming online this Fall, and they are interested to see how that impacts the industry across Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.


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