One Girl’s Mission to Save Big Pigs

Alaina and Daisy

One little girl is trying to make a difference for the lives of some big pigs. Alaina Holdread is 9 years old and lives in Michigan with her lovable pet pig Daisy. Daisy came into Alaina’s life in 2017 and since then has grown to weigh around 150 pounds.

Alaina and Daisy are the best of friends. However, Alaina soon realized not everyone has a special connection with a lovable pet pig like she does. She discovered that some potbelly pig sellers lie to people in hopes of making a buck. According to Alaina, “I started learning about all of the myths that are out there about potbelly pigs, like they will stay teacup size forever... This is not true, and a lot of people get rid of their pig once they figure this out.”

Unfortunately, her horrors are true. Some people are misinformed when they purchase a small, potbelly pig. Some assume the pig will stay that size forever but later give the pig away when it does not.

Alaina knew what her mission was and she launched, her soon to be non-profit, ‘Pink for Pigs’. ‘Pink for Pigs’ sells pig-themed accessories and the proceeds go to help pigs in shelters. Raising this money allows for shelters and sanctuaries to be better resourced to handle these big piggies. Alaina said, “They are just my passion and I just want to help save pigs’ lives.” If it were not for sponsors, like Alaina, sanctuaries and rescues would have to front the bill themselves, plus all other animals they have.

Alaina is just looking to educate the public to make better decisions, for the sake of the pigs. On top of this she also sponsors a pig at the Smiggy’s Safe Haven and Sanctuary. Alaina is amazing work and for an amazing cause. You can find a link to the ‘Pink for Pigs’ facebook page HERE.