Online sales might be the reason for horse tail theft


North Carolina (WRAL)-- In North Carolina, there are two counties that have had recent reports of horse tail hair being stolen.

Law enforcement and other officials are on high alert in the “Tar Heel State” as two counties have had multiple reports of an individual, or individuals, sneaking into horse pastures and cutting the hair off their tails.

The reason may be because of the demand for horse hair on the internet.

According to Leilani Mae Horse Rescue’s Deborah Gillis horse extensions can sell for more than $200 dollars online, plus the sale of it is not regulated. Besides extensions, there is also a market for the hair in wigs, jewelry, and violin strings.

Danielle Bass of Nash County discovered that her horse’s tail was stolen. She stated, “If a horse doesn’t have its tail, it makes them depressed. Especially in the summertime, when it’s hot and they’re swatting flies.”

It can take more than five years for a horse to regrow the hair.

Camden County, North Carolina reported the thefts back in March.


In North Carolina, horse tails are being stolen

Story via Indira Eskieva with WRAL