As farmers gear up for the spring planting season, it’s crucial to remember that financial planning goes hand in hand with early season crop protection.
In this behind-the-scenes look at the newest episode of Where the Food Comes From, “A Day Without Sunshine” written by show producer and script supervisor Donna Sanders — find out what Florida citrus growers Dundee Citrus did when life handed them some lemons.
In today’s production update, Total Acre Farming’s David Hula has an enlightening conversation with Jeremy Rountree about a new, industry-disrupting product from Brandt Fungicide.
University of Arkansas Etymology & Plant Pathology Professor John Rupe embraces a collaborative spirit when it comes to advancing soybean crop disease research.
Soybean farmers in Illinois are being swarmed by black moths! A field crop entomologist with the University of Illinois confirmed the insect is an adult green clover worm.
Texas cattle producer David Crow took a leap into ranching as a passionate, first-generation farmer. Today, has grown into a legacy that will continue for generations to come by using sustainable grazing practices and innovative land management techniques against invasive species.
Wine producers across Italy have been battling extreme weather and an uptick in fungal diseases all season. The hit means France is set to reclaim its number-one wine-producing spot for the first time in almost a decade.
From tar spot and white mold to Soybean Cyst Nematodes—current weather patterns are making things tough of soybean producers when it comes to battling increasing crop disease pressure.
The growing season is in full swing and pests and diseases are already making their rounds.
Under the new rules, U.S. cotton can now enter the country with a phytosanitary certificate and an additional declaration saying the bale does not contain boll weevil.
Researchers at Texas Tech and Virginia Tech are looking for citizen scientists and their canine companions to help snuff out the Chinese Spotted Lanternfly. These pests cause $40 billion in agricultural and forestry damage each year.