Pork Checkoff is keeping an eye on Asia as ASF outbreaks continue

China finds a new case of African swine fever.

It was found on a truck illegally carrying hogs through a southwestern province. Two were found dead. There have been more ASF cases in recent weeks.

The country has been working to rebuild its herd after the disease cut them in half.

U.S. pork producers are closely monitoring the spread of the disease. To keep it from crossing the border, the Pork Checkoff is teaming up with producers in Asia to find out how they are fighting it.

According to Dr. Lisa Becton, “Our researchers through the University of Maine had connections in Vietnam and initiated that project, and so, right now, we have everyone working together to really address this question of African swine fever survivability in compost being done in a country that is currently experiencing an outbreak... The other part of this process is also to look at the same thing of wastewater or slurry, and so we’re also dovetailing another project, or it’s in the same project, but another question of how long does African swine fever remain in lagoon slurry.”

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