Pregnant cow stranded after Hurricane Dorian gives birth


In November, three castaway cows had been discovered on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where they turned up after swimming for miles to escape Hurricane Dorian ’s storm surge. It turns out one of those cows was pregnant at the time and she gave birth earlier this week.

“Dori, the “difficult lead cow” not only survived the surge, surf and stress of the storm. She gave us the most challenges with spotting and stalking and the most trips through the thickest marsh during our rescue operation last November... She has now calved a healthy calf, back on Cedar Island! We’re happy to know there’s still a possibility of this wild herd prospering!” Ranch Solutions wrote on Facebook.

According to WBTV, about 25-30 cows roamed Cedar Island prior to the storm and all but six died during November’s storm surge.

It is unknown if the new calf is a boy or a girl.