Renewable fuels are here to stay, according to Secretary Vilsack

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says that renewable fuels are part of the strategy to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

He admits Americans, like himself, keep vehicles for a long time, so it is unlikely we will see the elimination of combustion engines in the next 15 years. In that case, Vilsack says that it is necessary to focus on high octane and renewable fuels are a good source.

It is further amplified with the Renewable Fuel Standard being up for a refresh next year.

“It’s making sure that we have that relationship with the EPA and making sure that they do in fact very sparsely use the waiver requirements and waiver opportunities, and also making sure that we look for opportunities to have consistency, and when the Renewable Fuel Standard is up for renewal that we work with our friends in Congress to make sure that it continues, because this is an important part of our fuel mix and part of our transportation strategy, and it’s also using our procurement dollars and the federal government to support the industry as well,” the Secretary explains.

Looking to the future, Vilsack says that aviation and marine opportunities could create new segments in the industry.


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