Richard Childress Racing to tribute Patrick Gottsch during the Coca-Cola 600 Race


This weekend, the Coca-Cola 600 Race will take place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

To tribute to the life and legacy of the passing of our founder, Patrick Gottsch, Richard Childress Racing will put a logo of his memorial on their cars this weekend.

The cars include:

  • #2 NXS
  • #33 NXS
  • #3 Cup
  • #8 Cup

The race will take place this Sunday, May 26, at 5:00 PM.

In Case You Missed It: Patrick Gottsch, the Founder and President of Rural Media Group, passed away at the age of 70. He was a champion of rural America, and devoted more than half his life to empowering farmers and ranchers, giving them a voice at the table. At 70 years old, he continued to live life to the fullest and packed more experiences into a week than most people do in a lifetime.