Sen. Baldwin is hopeful they will get the AM Radio For Every Vehicle Act across the finish line

The AM Radio For Every Vehicle Act has hit a pause awaiting Senate consideration, but Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin is anxious to get the legislation passed as soon as possible.

According to the Senator, “We already voted that bill out of the Commerce Committee, and so it is pending flood consideration, and I certainly hope that it’s something that we can vote on soon. In fact, given the strong bipartisan support and reaching that 60 threshold that you need to overcome a filibuster. I’m hoping that we might be able to even pass it by a process called ‘unanimous consent’ so that we can dispense with it in an expedited matter. But, I’ll be pressing for that, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get this across the finish line.”

If passed the bill would require the Department of Transportation to issue a rule that would require all new passenger motor vehicles to have devices with access to AM stations.