Shipping backlog feels domino effect of record ships waiting on west coast and typhoon impacting Asian ports

100 ships are now waiting at California ports, setting a new record as holidays approach.

Ships of all kinds are waiting to enter the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California.

Four of those container ships arrived more than a month ago but have been waiting to enter the ports and offload. The New York Post reports that it is likely to get worse with 45 vessels scheduled to arrive later this week. The two ports account for almost one-third of all U.S. imports.

The situation at ports around the globe are not looking any better.

270 ships are waiting to access ports in Asia, after a typhoon caused a major backlog. Singapore has the highest number of ships waiting since July, and there is still more than a month left in the Pacific hurricane season.

This could have a domino effect on our markets with analysts saying that the situation may be worse before it gets better. The delays could keep freight rates at their record high until new year.

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