Slight topsoil moisture improvement from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast

This morning, we are checking on topsoil moisture conditions across the U.S.

In several parts of the country, we have seen August rain and that has led to slight improvements for farmers. USDA’s meteorologist Brad Rippey offers some details.

According to Rippey, “A few of our wetter spots generally stretching from the Ohio Valley southward to the Gulf Coast. We have five states in that area reporting double-digit topsoil moisture surpluses. Top of the list at 25 percent surplus; other states meeting that double-digit threshold all coming in this week at 11 percent surplus: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio.”

Now, still on the dry side is the western and central U.S. That string of six states from Montana to Texas are still reporting topsoil moisture as more than 70 percent short to very short, despite recent heavy rainfall.


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