The House Committee on Agriculture has issued a title-by-title summary of the 2024 Farm Bill, providing a first look after years of deliberation in Washington. Read the full document here.
With the New Year comes new ideas, and lawmakers are still trying to find ways to fund the Farm Bill.
Now that Washington lawmakers have passed a 45-day stopgap, they have some breathing room to work through some hot-button topics like the high cost of the upcoming Farm Bill, which is due in large part to the funding necessary to support the Nutrition Title.
Will Santa Claus leave the legislation under the tree this year? Or will lawmakers have to splinter off SNAP in order to push the Farm Bill through by the deadline? Top ag lawmakers are split.
The milk incentives program will reach more than 116 retail locations across four U.S. states.
As work pushes on to get a Farm Bill passed this year, the House Ag Committee held a hearing Thursday on the most expensive title—nutrition.
SNAP is under major scrutiny right now as lawmakers discuss all of the funding in the 2023 Farm Bill. The agency, which would currently garner the largest portion of the bill’s funding, is defending its quality control practices and explaining how they protect taxpayer dollars.
How much does Congress plan to allocate toward farm and nutrition programs over the next decade? The Congressional Budget Office just shared its latest spending estimates.
SNAP takes up a majority of the farm, bill but another title is growing in cost