Tariff Fallout Continues

US-China trade dispute continues.

May 9, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) A US official says the US-China trade dispute has entered the realm of “Alice in Wonderland.” Dennis Shea made the remark when speaking to World Trade Organization members Tuesday. The new WTO Ambassador was talking about China’s demand that the US terminate the current “intellectual property investigation.”

Shea urged WTO members to confront, what he calls “the havoc of China’s state capitalism.” Trade talks with the Asian nation will resume next week when the Chinese President’s top economic adviser visits the US.

Meanwhile, US farmers hope the Trump administration will end “the tiff” with China, as evidenced by approximately 1,000 comments that have been sent to the US trade representative. The push coincides with multiple requests to testify at a USTR hearing next week. The White House says they may need to extend Tuesday’s meeting due to the number of witnesses.

One agricultural commodity that is of particular concern as the trade dispute lengthens is sorghum. Sorghum farmers are weighing the impact of a preliminary “anti-dumping determination” issued by China’s ministry of commerce. National Sorghum Producers’ Vice Chairman Daniel Atkisson joined “Market Day Report” via phone to discuss the potential impacts.

Watch the videos above to gain further insight into current situation.


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