The first fine for violating pesticide use has been issued in Portland

Seabreeze 1280x720.jpg

Photo via Seabreeze Property Services Facebook page

Seabreeze Property Services, a landscaping company, was fined a maximum of $500 for spraying an herbicide, glyphosate in Portland. It is an ingredient found in Roundup to control Japanese knotweed.

The Portland City Council approved the ordinance at the beginning of 2018, and a year later, most landscaping companies have been trying to follow it, even though it is hard to enforce.

A resident who reported the case was able to see documentation of the chemical being used by their landlord, and Seabreeze admitted to using it. The resident, who wants to remain anonymous, said she lost almost $300 in organic soil and plants and calls it “devastating.”

Because of this, the City Council has recently added more restrictions to the ordinance, which are set to take effect March 19, 2023.

Story via Rachel Ohm with Press Herald