The Ford F-150 Lightning to be unveiled today

Ford Motor Company is set to unveil the Ford F-150 Lightning later today.

The automaker has not announced a sticker price for the electric version of the “most popular truck in America” but they say it will be more powerful than any other F-series truck in its lineup.

President Joe Biden, a self-proclaimed “car guy” visited Michigan yesterday for a firsthand look at the new technology and an opportunity to tout his infrastructure plan.

“We’re going to put Americans to work modernizing our roads, our highways, our ports, our airports, rails, and transit systems. That includes putting the... the union workers to work installing 50,000 charging stations along our roads and highways, our homes and our apartments...,” the President stated.

The federal government could become a major customer of the new Lightening if President Biden is able to move forward with plans in his infrastructure package. The measure aims to electrify the federal fleet which includes almost 80,000 trucks and 200,000 passenger vehicles.


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