The Hat Bar: Helping cowboys and cowgirls step up their hat game!

While hat bars have been all the rage this past year, a shop in Columbia, Tennessee is not only stepping up women’s hat game but also men’s!

We check out Parks + Price boutique which partnered up with Rafter P Hat Co to provide this fun unique experience.


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Brimming with Excellence: let’s visit a one-of-a-kind hat bar in the Stockyards

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More than 80 dairy herds have been infected with the virus across 11 states since late March.
As hog prices face potential decline, pork producers are dealing with a surge in litter rates, complicating efforts to control production.
In February, farmers experienced a slight increase in prices, though it fell short of surpassing last year’s numbers.
According to a new USDA-ERS report, technological advancements in agriculture led to significant output increases while reducing input usage for producers.
The prospect of reintroducing grizzly bears in Washington’s North Cascades has ignited a contentious debate, pitting conservation efforts against the concerns of local farmers and ranchers.
As peach trees bloom ahead of schedule and unpredictable weather patterns loom, farmers across the nation find themselves grappling with the precarious risks posed to their fruit crops.