The Ukraine Report: Farmers use Howard Buffet’s Foundation to finish planting

Farmers in Ukraine are still struggling with the war, but with the help of Howard Buffet’s Foundation, they are able to get by.

Latifundist Media has partnered with us to provide boots-on-the-ground coverage:

A farmer in Kharkiv region Volodymyr Pechko cultivates almost five thousand acres of land. After Russia’s full-scale invasion, his farm was in a perilous situation with supply problems.

“At one point, we wanted to plant all our land with wheat. Our own seeds, because there was nowhere to buy them. But a little later we saw that we could survive because the situation was gradually returning to normal and we were able to maintain our crop rotation system, although not in full.”

The farmer’s expectations for this season are also not optimistic, primarily in terms of export opportunities.

“The Russians will not allow us to work properly and will do everything to block the grain corridor. Besides, we have no development, we are afraid to invest in something new, as tomorrow it may not exist. This year, we planned to introduce irrigation, but suspended the project.”

For the first time this year, the farmer used the help of the Howard Buffett Foundation to rent a tractor for the planting campaign.

We bought equipment to repair tractors, but it didn’t come on time. The tractors were out of order. We were on the verge of disrupting the sowing campaign. And this helped us to plant in time.”

The aid he received allowed Volodymyr not only to work and earn money but also to contribute to Ukraine’s victory

“Our most important achievement today is that we are able to help our armed forces in the current situation. We are able to bake bread, breed chickens and pigs, produce eggs and send them to the frontline. This is what we can be proud of today.”

Beyond providing food, the agricultural sector also pays taxes that also work towards a peaceful future.

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