Three more states will get improved broadband access

The White House recently announced broadband funding for more states.

The White House announced additional broadband funding for three states to improve connectivity in rural areas.

Projects in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin will connect more than 90,000 homes and businesses. Senate Ag Committee chair, Debbie Stabenow says the $435 million is part of a broader vision for the future.

“It’s about opportunity, whether you’re operating your business or your farm, or your school, or your hospital, or your mental health agency, whatever it is that you’re doing, high-speed internet is not some frill,” said Sen. Stabenow.

The Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner agrees and says high-speed affordable internet is a necessity.

“We in Wisconsin also have some difficult locations to serve and the funding just couldn’t come at a better time,” said Becky Valcq.

The U.S. Treasury plans to announce more broadband funding from the $10 billion capital projects fund.