TikTok seeks to win the ag community amid efforts to ban the app


Just last month, the House overwhelmingly passed a measure to ban the app, TikTok. However, TikTok is trying to focus on spreading the news of the economic impact it has on American small businesses, and that includes farmers.

At large, the app helps the economic growth of more than 7 million businesses across the U.S., contributing more than $24 billion to the GDp in 2023.

Their agricultural hashtag (#agriculture) has more than 2 million videos, with more than 23 billion views in a single year, according to a survey by Oxford Economics. 33 percent of the participants in the survey said the app is crucial to the livelihood of their business, and 41 percent said TikTok’s marketing efforts helped the success of their business.

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Story via AgriPulse