Trucking industry responds to EPA’s crack down on greenhouse gas emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency held a public hearing to talk about its recent proposal that includes electrifying 25 percent of long-haul trucks and 35 percent of short-haulers by 2032. Among those who testified during the hearings were trucking industry stakeholders who were advocating for EPA to take a step back and reconsider the proposed standards that would take effect beginning with model-year 2027 trucks.

Jed Mandel, President of the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association says he supports reduced emissions but says the infrastructure to power them just is not there.

Meanwhile, Theresa Cevidanes with the National Association of Truck Stop Operators says a single truck stop might demand as much electricity as a small town, saying they are not convinced local power suppliers can service that kind of load in just ten years.

The groups are instead asking EPA to incentivize Renewable Liquid Fuels and boost the Renewable Fuel Standard.