Ukrainian farmers are still farming despite the catastrophic damages

Ukraine’s ag sector has suffered more than $40 billion in losses since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

A School of Economics in the war stricken country put together these graphics to show the impact. Here is a look at the damages, totaling to more than $8 billion. The majority of the impact was felt in machinery, followed by inputs and storage facilities.

ukraine ag losses.jfif

Here is a look at crop and livestock losses in the country, coming in at more than $31 billion. Wheat was the hardest hit in terms of crops, and dairy was the most impacted for livestock.

Regardless of the damage, farmers are still farming in Ukraine.

Our friends at Latifundist Media tweeted out these photos of spring planting progress, showing a field as far as the eye can see with little plants popping up. The group says 77 percent of what was planned is in the ground.

Last year, the U.S. brought in more than $67 million worth of grain from Ukraine.