Updates on the West Coast wildfires

President Trump will visit the fire ravaged west today to get an update on how much damage has been done.

The fires have killed 35 people so far. In California alone, they have scorched more than 3 million acres. In Oregon, more than a million acres have burned and to the north in Washington state it is the second worst wildfire season on record.

The smoke pollution is touted as some of the worst in the world.

Here is a look at how the fires have already impacted California farmers and ranchers. They are working to rebuild irrigation systems to save what is left of crops. Ranchers are facing tough decisions about livestock management because burned pastures are not suitable for grazing.

This time of year is also when beekeepers repopulate their colonies but some of the damage could hinder the ability to pollinate crops next spring.

Congress has asked the White House to send N-95 mask to farms so they can work while being protected from smoke and pollution.

California fire sparked by gender reveal.