Vilsack in Vietnam: Ag Secretary wraps up a three-day trip promoting U.S. agriculture

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack is wrapping up a three-day trip in Vietnam before his appearance at the G7 Ag Ministers meeting this weekend in Japan.

While in Vietnam, Vilsack met with industry leaders including buyers of U.S. ag products, promoting trade efforts between the two nations. He spoke at the Foreign Trade University in Hanoi where he talked about climate as well as other challenges facing agriculture.

For Vietnam to continue working to expand access to some of our specialty crops, including nectarines, peaches, lemons and tangerines, they’ve just recently opened their market to our grapefruit. Made the case as well that there may be an opportunity as they move from utilizing a blend of bio based fuel E5 to E10. There’s an opportunity as well for expanded imports of us ethanol.”

The Secretary is currently traveling to Japan where he will speak at the G7 Ministers meeting. He is expected to stand with other nation’s condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine and will deliver the closing remarks focusing on climate.

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