American Farm Family

We head to Worthey Christmas Tree Farm in Mississippi, where the crisp air and festive spirit of the holiday season blend seamlessly with the charm of a local Christmas tree farm.
The Allen Family’s 28-year farming journey, cattle, kids, and community in Bismarck, Arkansas.
On this Farm Family Friday, we meet Illinois pork producer Pam Janssen, who’s on a mission to sustain her family’s farm legacy which is still going strong through seven generations and nearly 150 years of pig farming.
Now run by its fourth generation, Ratto Bros. is an expansive lettuce and herb farm in California’s Central Valley region that grows just about “everything in a salad.” America’s Heartland takes us along to visit this week’s American Farm Family.
The Winters Family raises around 55,000 pigs each year at their operation in Sioux City, Iowa, and have been recognized across the industry and their state for their masterful dedication to producing quality pork.
Finding the balance between innovation and tradition can be difficult. However, this next farm has proved that both can coexist. The Pork Checkoff takes us to Trails End Farm in Minnesota.
In today’s blog post, RFD-TV Agri-Legal Expert Roger A. McEowen shares some random thoughts on land value and transitioning your farming or ranching business to a new generation.
In celebration of National Pork Month, we meet the Lundell family and see how they preserve tradition, nurturing innovation as an ode to pork production.
The Fulstone Family’s sixth generation is working hard to make environmental stewardship a cornerstone of their Nevada cattle operation as its seventh generation learn the ropes, preparing to take the helm of the family’s ranching legacy.
Among their golden fields of corn, soybeans, and the gentle mooing of cattle, the Hadenfeldt Family has nurtured their land and raised their children for the last 95 years.
A citrus revolution is quietly unfolding among the picturesque foothills of Orange Cove, California. In a region known for its Navels, Mulholland Citrus is bringing Mandarin oranges to the forefront.
Kaye and Ken Dyer transformed their generational farm into a thriving agritourism destination, Rocky Hollow Pumpkin Patch in Northwest Georgia!
Avis Farms, a family-run dairy operation in Virginia, opens its doors to the public, bridging the gap between agriculture and the community.
A Fourth-Generation Cotton Farmer’s Journey
Texas cattle producer David Crow took a leap into ranching as a passionate, first-generation farmer. Today, has grown into a legacy that will continue for generations to come by using sustainable grazing practices and innovative land management techniques against invasive species.
Karyn Agle, of Agle Family Farm in Eden, New York, shares her part in her family’s journey of navigating the challenges and rewards that come with farming the same land over five generations.
Nate and Melissa Morts is nurturing farming excellence, one crop, and pig at a time.
Meet this week’s Farm Family who have been growing generations of flavor in California’s California’s San Joaquin Valley.
For this week’s Farm Family Friday, we head to California’s Central Valley to meet the Gillette Family. The family’s history of growing oranges dates back to the late 1800s—and it is incredible to see their passion for citrus is still strong.
From unexpected beginnings to vibrant community engagement, Schomaker Farms showcases the profound impact that can arise when a love for farming and a dedication to community meet.
Let’s head to Friendship, Arkansas, to meet the Bearden Family on this Farm Family Friday.