Cinderella Story: Century-old Georgia family farm transforms into a picturesque pumpkin patch

Kaye and Ken Dyer transformed their generational farm into a thriving agritourism destination, Rocky Hollow Pumpkin Patch in Northwest Georgia!

The Rocky Hollow Pumpkin Patch, part of a century-old family farm nestled in Northwest Georgia, experienced a remarkable transformation thanks to the passion and dedication of its latest generation of stewards, Kaye and Ken Dyer. This cherished farm, which has remained in the same family for generations, has emerged as an enchanting venue and engaging agritourism destination in Cave Springs.

The Dyer Family has created a picturesque realm for visitors to enjoy as well as offering a delightful array of activities on the farm, like a thrilling zipline, a heartwarming petting barn, and the star attraction—a sprawling pumpkin patch.

The inspiration for this remarkable pumpkin patch emerged from interactions with their grandchildren, who consistently voted pumpkin-related activities as their favorites. Armed with research and creativity, the Dyers took the plunge and planted their first small patch of pumpkins six years ago. Since then, they have expanded their pumpkin patch to an impressive five acres, cultivating a diverse array of 25 pumpkin varieties.

“It has evolved,” shares Ken Dyer, reflecting on their journey and sharing their vision. “I don’t think we really had an idea as to what we were getting into — or how much work it was really going to be at our age — but it has been very rewarding and enjoyable.”

For the Dyers, it was crucial to have pumpkins grown on their own farm, even though they occasionally needed to supplement their supply as their business grew. This year, the patch covers five acres, with plans for further expansion in the coming years.

However, the pumpkin-growing journey has not been without its challenges. Georgia’s scorching heat and the relentless grazing of deer have presented hurdles, leading to some crop losses this season. Nevertheless, Kaye and Ken Dyer remain enthusiastic about welcoming the public to their pumpkin patch this fall, despite the weather-related setbacks.

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