Australian couple breaks record for world’s heaviest blueberry


An Australian couple who grew a blueberry that weights 0.57 ounce (16.2 grams) are officially world record holders, Guinness confirmed in September.

David and Leasa Mazzardi are based in Western Australia and grow for Ozblu.

“Their range of blueberries have exploded exponentially and consist of very low-chill and even evergreen blueberry varieties suitable for climates where winter chilling is limited,” Ozblu’s website states. “Dave and Leasa have focused on developing superior blueberry varieties with incredible success, earning Dave and Leasa much respect in the industry......Dave and Leasa now aim to continually improve flavour, whilst pursuing a crunchy berry that “pops” in your mouth.”

The record-breaking blueberry is 1.4 inches in diameter.

Ozblu also has the previous world record of 12.39 grams, which was set in 2018.