Farm Bill Suggestions: What lawmakers and producers want to see in the upcoming legislation

With the current Farm Bill set to expire in September, many within the industry are sharing their priorities for the upcoming legislation.

Congressman Frank Lucas out of Oklahoma says one thing he is focused on is funding. He wants to make sure producers have everything they need, especially after the cost of production skyrocketed due to the pandemic and war in Ukraine. Lucas says the challenge will be coming up with the resources to adjust the safety net to reflect those higher prices.

Specialty growers, food banks and farmers market directors in Illinois are also voicing their opinions for the bill. During a state farm bureau listening session, more support for local products in the Farm Bill was a hot topic. One cooperative would like to see infrastructure funding for processing and distribution of local food. Other attendees at the session advocated for more support for beginning farmers, better crop insurance options and food assistance programs on the local level.

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