Fertilizer Market Concerns: How global conflicts could impact shipments

Fertilizer prices have been a major factor weighing on farmers’ pockets as of late and the vice president of fertilizer with StoneX fears global conflicts could have an impact on the market.

Josh Linville shares his worries for shipments.

“The worry is if all of a sudden we have to start talking about a story line that considers the inability to transit vessels through the Persian Gulf or the surgical move. The world will focus on oil shipments. But from our marketplace and nitrogen standpoint, there are million upon millions of tons of your exports that come from that body of water from those countries that surround that body of water. And if all of a sudden Iran starts taking shots at vessels, you start to shut down those exports, the global S&D for urea changes drastically overnight. The markets gonna respond to that, and that’s probably gonna be in a higher stance.”
Josh Linville, StoneX VP of Fertilizer

Linville says while the possibility of that actually happening is low, there are still many ‘what ifs’ in the market right now.

“It’s still one of those situations I think we need to be a little more on top of things going into the spring. What I mean by that, it does not mean you have to buy everything right now or you won’t. They did because, you know, we cried wolf on that story so many times. I think we’ve got a good start on imports. I think we’ve got a good supply of product if the things. But there’s also a lot of risk associated with this. I I think it’s still now more than ever important to make sure we’re having conversations with our retailer with our supplier.”
Josh Linville, StoneX VP of Fertilizer

Linville says these ongoing conversations help the value chain be prepared for the spring season.

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