GT Thompson at House Ag Hearing: Time to switch our dress shoes for work boots

The House Ag Committee held its first hearing of the new season today. Chairman Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson opened the meeting with remarks that the hearing will cover inflationary pressures and regulatory burdens that impact farmers.

“The challenges facing production agriculture are many. However, I believe that one of the few silver linings, maybe the only silver lining, is Americans’ heightened awareness of the importance of a reliable domestic food supply and the producers who provide it. As members of the House Committee on Agriculture and a Farm Bill re-authorization cycle, it is our mandate to fully understand these challenges and work diligently without partisanship to ensure the passage of a strong farm bill that addresses the issues highlighted today.

“Thank you to the witnesses appearing here before us today. I look forward to your testimony and regardless of the challenges, it is time to retire our dress shoes and put on our work boots. We have a lot of work to do and I will need every one of you at the table to help us deliver a farm bill for the backbone of this country, the American producer,” said Thompson.

Today is the first full hearing since Thompson became chairman. Among today’s speakers are Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall, Rob Larew with the National Farmers Union, and the AG Transportation Coalition.