House Resolution 451 introduced to protect rural content

Washington Capitol

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is recognizing the need for greater access to rural content.

Representatives Bill Posey of Florida and Britney Pettersen of Colorado introduced House Resolution 451 with Representatives Doug LaMalfa of California and Yadira Caraveo of Colorado. The goal is to provide rural Americans with access to content relevant to their daily lives, including the programming RFD-TV provides. It is also an effort to connect city with country.

This introduction represents major progress to protect agricultural news and rural content that has been years in the making. Stay tuned for more information as RFD-TV founder and president, Patrick Gottsch, works to bring more sponsors on to this important resolution.

Contact your state’s senators today and ask them to co-sponsor SR 113.

Contact your congressional representative today and ask them to co-sponsor HR 451.

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RFD-TV founder and president, Patrick Gottsch is asking for you to please contact your two U.S. Senators, asking them to support attaching Senate Resolution 113 to the Farm Bill, then, contact your Congress person to ask him or her to support attaching House Resolution 451 to their version of the Farm Bill.