How Senator Grassley is making sure those in need benefit in the next Farm Bill

Senator Chuck Grassley says he is working to make sure those in need benefit from the next Farm Bill.

He is on his 42nd annual tour to each of his home state’s 99 counties to hear from Iowans. This week his route includes a company in Warren County called Capital City Group.

“This company Capital City Food is a grower, a shipper, and our lead packer of fresh produce for restaurants and schools. I lead Iowans in the agenda at these meetings, so the conversation will be about anything they want to talk about, but obviously, I think they are going to focus on the Farm Bill since 76 percent of the outlays are for nutrition titles and a large part of that is for school and they ship to schools,” said Senator Grassley.

Senator Grassley says while many Farm Bill conversations focus on policy, it is important to talk with Iowans about how nutrition programs can be utilized to help those in need.


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