Proposed revisions to the H-2A visa program, have stirred controversy among growers nationwide, including ag groups like the Northwest Horticultural Council.
Getting Congress to pass a Farm Bill is at the top of the AFBF’s list this year. They plan to establish other policy priorities later this month at the annual AFBF Convention in Salt Lake City.
A tentative deal was struck over the weekend to reopen the St. Lawrence Seaway. This comes after the Canadian federal government instructed the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation and the striking employees to work out their wage dispute differences. The shutdown impacted all grain traffic along the waterway, which moves more than 6 million tons of cargo each year.
UPS ships about 24 million packages a day and handles roughly one-fourth of all parcel volume. According to the shipping giant, that’s about six percent of America’s Gross Domestic Profit (GDP).
The Long Beach Container Terminal recently bought 60 electric yard tractors to haul shipping containers to nearby trains. The new equipment must still be operated by a human, giving unions there some hope that the ‘modernization program’ will continue to show the value of prioritizing jobs.
Crop insurance and labor were both key issues discussed at a Senate Budget Committee hearing on climate change held Thursday in Washington.
A representative from Trimble joined us on Market Day Report to share an overview of the new lab, the opportunities it will provide for students, and how it will help shape the future of the ag workforce.
Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina says farm labor and immigration reform must happen together.
The National Council of Farmer Cooperatives worries ongoing labor shortages will further hurt the ag economy. Two years after the House first passed the H-2A visa program, they are pushing hard for lawmakers to revisit and pass the legislation.