Louisiana 4-H Shooting Sports: A Path to Success and Service

As students from across south Louisiana aim for a coveted spot at the state competition this April, here’s an inside look at how Louisiana 4-H shooting sports is not only shaping skilled marksmen but also nurturing future leaders.

With nearly 1,000 4-H’ers from south Louisiana vying for their chance to compete, the air rifle contest becomes a stage for showcasing talent and dedication. Among them is Addison Antwiler, a seasoned participant with eight years of experience. For Addison, shooting sports transcends mere competition; it’s a passion that has enriched her life in profound ways.

“I like the atmosphere and I love shooting. It’s just something that I found enjoyable, and I made a lot of friends through this program and a lot of opportunities,” Addison reflects.

Her proficiency in the sport has not gone unnoticed, as she secures a scholarship to shoot for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. This unique opportunity allows her to pursue her twin passions of shooting sports and engineering, setting the stage for a promising future.

“With West Point, I get a full ride. I just have to do five years of service in the Army. But it allows me to get the degree I want, which is mechanical engineering with a minor in aeronautical engineering,” Addison shares with enthusiasm.

Behind every successful participant stands a pillar of support, often in the form of dedicated family members and volunteers. Addison’s father, Jeffrey Antwiler, not only coaches her parish team but also volunteers his time to ensure the smooth running of matches. His involvement not only strengthens their bond but also provides him with a front-row seat to witness his daughter’s growth and achievements.

“Part of being a coach is great because I do get to go to all the stuff. I do understand what she’s doing. Plus now that she is leaving, I get to keep doing this as my hobby,” Jeffrey remarks proudly.

Scott Blank, another dedicated volunteer, echoes the sentiment of giving back to the community. With over 300 hours contributed annually to the program, Scott exemplifies the spirit of selflessness and service that drives the success of Louisiana 4-H shooting sports.

“I enjoy giving back. I don’t mind working hard so others don’t have to. I feel that in doing this, I’m making the best better,” Scott expresses wholeheartedly.

As the southern regional competition draws to a close, attention turns to the upcoming challenge for 4-H’ers from north Louisiana. With each participant bringing their unique blend of skill and determination, the stage is set for an exhilarating showcase of talent.

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