New children’s book ‘churns’ kid’s love for ice cream into an appreciation for agriculture

When artist Ward Jenkins agreed to illustrate the book, “Tales of the Dairy Godmother,” what started out as just another job turned into a lot more than he expected.

A new children’s book is introducing readers to the process of how we get milk to become ice cream. “Tales of the Dairy Godmother” also encapsulates the round-the-clock work and ingenuity dairy farming requires.

This “dairy-tale,” follows a young boy named Chuck, who wishes for all the ice cream he can eat. This prompts his “Dairy Godmother” to show up to grant his wish by providing him with a dairy farm. Along the way, Chuck gets a firsthand look at all the hard work and care that goes into producing his favorite treat.

Atlanta-based storyboard artist Ward Jenkins illustrated the book. Like Chuck, Ward said he had never stepped foot on a dairy farm in his life. After taking on the project, Ward felt it was a vital step for him to fully illustrate the story.

“I toured three different farms—one of them being Rock House Creamery, and then two others—all of different sizes,” Jenkins said. “Going through the physical walking through the farms and seeing first-hand, in-person was very important.”

To find “Tales of the Dairy Godmother” CLICK HERE

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