The latest agricultural news related to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other states in the Northeastern U.S.

As peach trees bloom ahead of schedule and unpredictable weather patterns loom, farmers across the nation find themselves grappling with the precarious risks posed to their fruit crops.
The North Carolina Farm Bureau’s L.E.A.D. program is a development initiative that aims to foster and enhance the skills of individuals and couples actively engaged in agricultural production.
The North Carolina Farm Bureau recently visited Myers Greenhouse to uncover the remarkable journey behind this blooming success story.
Learn how a farmer and NRCS are teaming up to implement beneficial environmental stewardship practices.
Steve Ward exemplifies sustainable farming practices at his Massachusetts cranberry operation by embracing Integrated Pest Management alongside conservation practices, exemplifying the balance between agricultural productivity and environmental responsibility.
For this tree farm in Alburtis, the holiday season is about more than profits. Instead, they are embodying the spirit of Christmas charity by offering trees to local families at whatever price point they can afford.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its snowfall predictions for this winter. But which producers will see some drought relief in the future?
A cross-country move to Virginia spurred Matt Fimon from his comfortable corporate job in Minnesota on a new journey as a first-generation farmer. Now, we learn how he is advocating for the unsung heroes of agriculture.
You don’t have to live in a major city to enjoy some of the best food in America. Thankfully, editors at many of the top food & dining magazines are starting to catch on to what Rural Americans already know, expanding their search area for their annual lists of best restaurants in the country.
Herds are showing growth in areas like the Northern Plains and some states in the Western U.S. where ranchers have seen more rainfall. However, for operations across the rest of the United States, that is not the case.
Karyn Agle, of Agle Family Farm in Eden, New York, shares her part in her family’s journey of navigating the challenges and rewards that come with farming the same land over five generations.
From toy tractors to real farming machinery, this group of 4-Hers are learning the ropes of farming and tractor restoration, enthusiastically sharing their interests with their community in Smith County, Virginia.
USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says farmers in Eastern New England and Atlantic Canada should expect impacts from Hurricane Lee this weekend. There are concerns that the storm system will hit New Brunswick which is home to Canada’s largest oil refinery.
The expiration of the current farm bill is quickly approaching. The Virginia Farm Bureau offers their perspective as September progresses and time ticks away for this important piece of legislation.
Farmers and ranchers in the Northeast have suffered production and physical losses due to flooding. The USDA Undersecretary Xochitl Torres Small says the agency is committed to helping them recover.
As the August congressional recess gets underway, several House Ag lawmakers are hitting the road—passing up their home districts to hold Farm Bill Listening Sessions instead.
Imagine getting the call that your product was going to the White House?