OPINION: “Deal or No Deal"-- Will Russia stay true and allow Ukraine to export grain?

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Russia.”

The markets are reacting to the U.N.-brokered deal to open Ukrainian ports and ship grain to the world. However, over the weekend, Russia bombed a Ukrainian port. Ukraine is still hopeful that shipments will go out this week.

“That is hiccup number one...,” according to Scott Shellady. “Hiccup number two, that is going to be the weather... the hot and dry; the ‘Dome of Doom’ as I call it.”

This is leading some to ask: “How will our economic health continue to weigh on our agricultural products?”

Shellady spoke with Chris Robinson of Robinson Ag Marketing on Russian and Ukrainian tensions, the U.S.'s economic state, and how the markets are reacting.


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