RanchHer showcases women leading the beef industry at NCBA CattleCon panel

RanchHer celebrated the invaluable contributions women leading the beef industry at their panel, “Your Path to Becoming a RanchHer,” Friday at NCBA CattleCon.

In a showcase of resilience, innovation, and passion, RanchHer brought together cattlewomen from across the nation to celebrate the invaluable contributions of three special women in the industry at their panel on Friday afternoon, “Your Path to Becoming a RanchHer,” at NCBA Cattle Conference in Orlando, Florida.

One of the panelist at the event, Brandi Buzzard, a first-generation rancher and prominent advocate for agriculture. Buzzard spoke with RanchHer host Janie Johnson this week to share her story and explain what it means to her to be called “the definition of a RanchHer.” Buzzard’s dedication to issues such as conservation, beef sustainability, and nutrition resonated deeply with attendees, underscoring the vital role of grassroots advocacy in shaping agricultural policy.

Though she describes herself as a first-generation rancher, her background in a hobby ranch provided a foundation for her eventual leap into full-fledged ranching alongside her husband. Their shared passion for the beef industry led them to acquire their ranch in 2015 and dive into cattle production in 2016.

The transition from a hobby ranch to a full-time endeavor wasn’t without its challenges. Brandy likened the learning process to drinking from a fire hose, emphasizing the steep learning curve involved. Despite the hurdles, she and her husband have persevered, continually learning and adapting to the demands of ranching.

One of the recurring questions Brandy faces, especially from women in the industry, is about balancing her roles as a rancher and a mother. Her response reflects a pragmatic approach: prioritizing what matters most, recognizing that some aspects of life are like rubber balls that can bounce, while others, like her daughters and ranch, are glass balls that cannot afford to drop. This analogy underscores the importance of setting boundaries and focusing on what truly matters.

For Brandy, raising her daughters in the world of agriculture is about instilling values of independence and resilience. Drawing from her own experiences watching her mother navigate the challenges of rodeo life, she wants her daughters to grow up knowing they are capable of anything, regardless of gender. Her commitment to empowering her daughters is evident in their upbringing, where they are taught from a young age that girls can do anything, even the toughest tasks.

Brandy’s story resonates with many women in the industry, serving as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Her participation in discussions like the upcoming all-female panel at NCBA further underscores her role as a leader and advocate for women in agriculture. As she continues to navigate the complexities of ranching and motherhood, Brandy remains a testament to the strength and determination of women in agriculture.

Along with Buzzard, panel attendees also heard from Quincy Atwood, who manages operations for Specialty Risk Insurance in Missouri, and Macey Hurst, who co-owns an Angus operation with her mom and sister as well as works in agriculture marketing for Modern Litho.

Attendees left the conference inspired and empowered, recognizing the pivotal role women play in driving progress and sustainability within the agricultural sector. As the industry continues to evolve, events like the NCBA Cattle Conference serve as a platform for collaboration, education, and celebration of the diverse voices shaping the future of agriculture.

With women like Brandi Buzzard, Quincy Atwood, and Macey Hurst leading the charge, the future of agriculture shines bright with promise and possibility. As the conference drew to a close, attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to propel the industry forward, united in their commitment to agricultural excellence and innovation.

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