Pests in the Midwest: Unwelcomed visitors already reported across fields

The growing season is in full swing and pests and diseases are already making their rounds.

DTN has already received reports of soybean gall midge, soybean aphids and armyworms throughout the Midwest in just the first week of June.

As for diseases, extension services have seen both stripe rust and charcoal rot in crops, with some Missouri fields already seeing significant damage.

Here is a look at the soybean gall midge found in Nebraska last week. A professor at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln tweeted out this picture showing the orange larva found on yellow sweet clover.

Here is a look at some stripe rust found in Kansas! A wheat producer shared this picture saying the disease is tardy to the party. You can see the yellow discoloring on the crop, and many on that Twitter threat say they are seeing similar conditions.

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