Poultry growers need the certainty of labor, and a piece of legislation can help

As producers wait to see if the Farm Workforce Modernization Act will become law, the Indiana Poultry Association says producers in the state are struggling with a shortage of labor.

“We just plain and simply don’t have enough workers to do all the work we have here in Indiana. That manifests itself in sometimes at the processing facilities. If we don’t have enough workers, we’re just not able to provide our customers with the cuts of poultry and packaging that they expect. So, it limits our ability to satisfy our customers and the consumers as the grocery,” said Rebecca Joniskan.

Joniskan says the nature of raising live animals also adds to the struggle because birds do not suddenly stop growing or producing eggs when times get tough. She is calling on Congress to act quickly on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.

“Congress needs to pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. Within it are programs that can really plug some gaps in this system and help support our work and our workers. We very much appreciate the efforts of Representative Jim Baird in the House and we encourage Senators Young and Braun from Indiana to throw their support behind it as well. Farmers using their voices to these requests are always helpful,” Joniskan said.

She is calling on her fellow producers to speak up and contact their legislators to show support for the bill. Currently, it has passed the House and waiting for attention in the Senate.

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